W-2 Information


When 2023 W2’s are created, a notification will be sent out on Schedule Fly, CTUIT Schedules, Connecteam.  We are required to have them available by January 31st, and they will be available before that date at Quickbooks Workforce.

If you have set up your login at Quickbooks Workforce (workforce.intuit.com) to get your paycheck stubs it will still be active and you can log in to get your W2. You can reset your user ID or password on the site using the “I forgot my user ID or password” link.  If you have not ever set up that access go to:

Quickbooks Workforce Instructions

If you choose not to use  Quickbooks Workforce you can complete the W2 Request form using the link below.    These requests will be processed starting February 15th.  We will not process payroll information from phone requests for your protection.  We are not allowed to release payroll information to anyone other than the employee by law.

How to get the amount for Box 1
From final pay advice for the year
1. Take YTD total from PAY section.
This will give you the total in box 1
3. Add back in the 401K deductions if you have any.
This will give you the total in Box 3 & 5

Online W-2 Request Form

Note: You should be downloading your W2 and paychecks as pdf files to save for any future needs.

For prior years W2’s you will need to complete the Online W-2 Request.

Please check your spam folder if you request an emailed copy.