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all the perks

“The team that I get to mentor is awesome! I have an incredible team and support!”

Kendall, Kitchen Manager

“During my 25 years working here, I had a tornado hit my home and everyone was there for me since I can't remember a time where they weren't! And how cool is it that I'm an accountant and I get to wear t-shirts and shorts to work every day! ”

— Launa, Accountant

“I love my job because of the culture Stan and others have created that has ultimately set us apart from our competition.”

Adam, Internal Branding Consultant

“I love meeting new people from different parts of the world and making personal connections in the best atmosphere.”

Turner, Sales Supervisor

“I love that I feel like I am part of a family and that I'm needed to help support what we do. I've never experienced a workplace where everyone truly cares about you and wants to see you succeed in what you do. I feel like this is more than "just a job," and that makes me excited to wake up every day and come into work.”

—Katie, Client Services Representative

“I love the team that I get to train to success!”

— Brittany, Back of House Supervisor

“It's fun and a great environment!”

— Jack, Support Staff

“I love that I work for a company that makes it a priority to give back to our community and the state in so many ways.”

Terri, Director of Retail Operations

“I enjoy the people and all the after-hour get-togethers with my co-workers!”

— Niko, Server

“My favorite thing about working here is the environment and how open I can be with the team.”

— Brian, Back of House Supervisor

“The management team makes coming to work easy! They are supportive and I work with the COOLEST people!”

— Nick, Server

“I've had the privilege of calling co-workers friends.”

Phillip, Accountant

“This is a great place to meet new people and work while going to Oklahoma State!”

—Charitee, Support Staff

“I'm fortunate to have a career where I get paid to do what I absolutely love...dream, draw, and have tons of fun!”

— Darren, Artist

"I've truly made lifelong friends here! We have the freedom to do a GREAT job, which really boils down to TRUST, who can really do their best job when there is no trust? I appreciate the TRUST provided to us....that is where the true magic happens."

— Andi, Client Experience Coordinator

“I get to work with amazing people while learning new things and developing my skills!”

— Tyson, Sales Associate

Reagan Tile

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