MJ Server/Bartender Focus Group

  1. What do you like about working at Mexico Joe’s?
  2. We have not received many applications for relief managers or hospitality manager openings in the past.  Why do you think that is? Why have you not applied?
  3. In our recent survey, lack of accountability was brought up.  How do you suggest we do this better?
  4. Do you think there is a conflict between your group and others such as host, expo, kitchen, etc?  What is this conflict?  How do we make it better? For example, if a guest wants to move tables resulting in you being double sat, what should we do to support you?
  5. Do you think pre-bussing the table is part of your core job duties?
  6. Do you think we have enough growth opportunities? If not, what can we do?
  7. Do you feel supported by Management?
  8. How much feedback do you receive?  What is enough? 1x week, 1x month, etc.
  9. Since we have been short-staffed, servers have had to work support shifts when we have call-ins.  How do we address this to make you feel better about doing this?  
  10. Is there anything else you want to tell us?